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The RES is a FM radio thematic variant Dance, promoting what is best in electronic music, in its various genres, looking for a specific target audience.

With the collaboration of some of the best DJs / Producers national, animators and technicians, combining a set of essential tools will present the RES FM is leading the way will be broadcasting concerns.

Possessing broadcast FM (107.9), Online ( and prepared for Mobile (compatible with all devices) to RES FM reach the “everywhere”, showing the best that our country has, and Dj’s producers in Dance music!

With a grid ambitious, the RES FM has a range of programs ranging from DEEP & SOUL ELECTRONIC SESSIONS, FRESH BEATS, CLASSIC MOMENTS, GOOD VIBES, TOP RES, among others. Some of them are based on the promotion of new sounds, and introducing new trends to the dissemination of new producers, such as the program FRESH BEATS.

Thus, we believe that the RES FM will have an important role in radio in our country, emerging as a credible alternative, with skilled employees and fundamentally knowledgeable of national and international Dance Scene.

A radio with great interaction with the public, either through hobbies, online polls, live programs with the participation of the listeners, or even by the panel of animators that make up the RES FM, we can say that we will Mark Pace!

Desenvolvido por Kriamos